A House Built Upon the Rock


The economy is on everyone’s mind nowadays. We may have raised the debt ceiling, but we all know the possibility remains that our nation could ultimately default on our debts while our debt load grows with every passing day. What’s more, the stock market has taken a huge tumble. Unemployment is high and inflation has set in. And Europe is slowly imploding as country after country collapses under their debt loads.

It’s easy to get nervous about the future. However, when was my house built. if we have built our house upon Jesus, the rock, we don’t have to be fearful. Our house will stand no matter how terrible the storm, how torrential the rain, or how terrifying the wind that howls around us.

It’s important to note, however, that we must build our house upon the rock, not simply buy the real estate with the house already on it. Jesus said that we must do more than hear His words, we must act upon them. That is the act of building our house upon the rock. It is no easy venture, but it is well worth the effort. It’s the difference between what happened to the wise man’s house when the economic storm came, and the foolish man’s house, who built upon the sand.

It’s relatively easy to build upon the sand. All you have to do is smooth and level it, and build your foundation. But have you ever seen a house built upon a rock? What’s more, have you ever seen a flat, level rock? Building a house upon a rock is remarkably difficult. First, you must drill deep holes into the rock, then insert pilings. Those pilings stand upright and support the structure. You then build your foundation upon the pilings, and your foundation must conform to the shape of the rock, not the other way around.

When we conform to Jesus, we are building our house on the only thing that is rock-solid in this world. It isn’t easy. We must first drill deep down into His word and insert our pilings of trust in everything He says. Then, day by day, as we act upon His words, we are building a foundation that conforms to the shape of the rock-Jesus-and ultimately, a virtually immovable house. The rain may descend, the floods may come and the winds may burst against our house, but it will stand secure.


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