Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one way to achieve the desired ranking, though there are advanced methods employed to market your website on the search engines. The marketing method becomes inevitable when your website doesn’t generate a higher ranking in the normal search engine displays. The marketing of your website guarantees better viewership as they are advertised upon payment. The most popular method employed for search engine marketing is Pay per Click Marketing.

On a Pay per Click (PPC) search engine Edwin Urrutia, you bid for placement on your selected keywords. For example, if you want to be listed at number 1 position for the keyword “French Perfumes” at the PPC engines Overture or Google’s AdWords. The first step is to do a search for “French Perfumes” and look at the top bid quoted for it, let’s say 15 cents in this case. The owner of that bid is presently paying Overture 15 cents every time someone clicks on that link. Now, if you are willing to pay 16 cents for each click of a visitor to your site, then your listing moves into the number 1 slot. The previous number one drops to number 2 and so on.

As you are paying for each click on your site, you should balance the payouts with the actual business you are making out of it. Note that not all clicks will result in purchases. On the other hand if you go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method, you pay once and the reward gets accumulated for a long term, whereas in PPC marketing you have to keep paying as long as you want that ranking maintained at the top and your stream of visitors stop as soon as your budget is depleted.

But the two main advantages of PPC marketing are speed and predictability. With the PPC marketing method you can get visitors to your site within a day or two compared to a waiting period of 1 to 6 months with SEO. As for predictability, you get exactly what you pay for the bid and without having to worry about the search engine changing its ranking algorithm.

Sometimes a combination of PPC and SEC would work better. Of course, in SEO you have to still pay for the article submission service where professional writers are employed in different fields to write good articles for your site.

Striking the right balance, ultimately, is what matters most for driving traffic to your site.


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