Business Events – Multiple Purposes


The world of business events can be very lucrative depending on one’s motives. Profits can be generated simply by holding a particular event or there may be hidden agendas attached. In either case, the rhyme and reasons behind holding events vary greatly.

Most of the time, it is unknown by the attendees but events are used widely as tools. Between marketing, lead generation, fundraising, or promotion, using business events as tools is common place.

When this is discovered by an ambitious marketer, it can be an exciting revelation. There is a power like no other when it comes to in person interaction and live events aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Below, are just a few of the many reasons/purposes of business events;

Networking/Lead Generation

Of course, it is always possible to attend the events that are held by other organizations virtual roundtables and obtain leads. There are numerous opportunities to network in other places but hosting your own networking events has its own rewards. To put it short, you call all of the shots and have the opportunity to personally meet everyone and capture all attendee information.

Information Marketing

Information has always been a most valued commodity. Even in our universities, information comes at a high price. Nowadays, the marketing of information has reached a fever pitch.

Informational events like seminars and workshops are as popular today as they ever were. The purpose behind these types of events are numerous; The selling of books or additional information, The selling of additional products, The introduction to a larger product, etc.


When a company wants to promote its products or services, there are a great many event types to choose from. Depending on the goals of the firm, different types may be applicable; A networking luncheon with a guest speaker describing a particular product, A large business expo showcasing a particular product/service with a gigantic interactive display in the center of an arena.


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