There are Facebook users out there who buy photos. Now, why should you buy photos? Facebook is a free social network site. You’re free to post blogs, find friends, share stories, and even photos.

Facebook and MySpace are competitors when it comes to social networking. These sites are extremely popular and it’s up to you whether you will stick with Facebook and you also try out MySpace.

When using a social network site, you should make your profile unique and interesting. By doing so, you can attract other Facebook members to view your profile.

Don’t try buying photos because you can create photo albums of your choice for free. You can take your old and new pictures taken from a digital camera or your cellular phone. You simply upload the pictures and post them in photo albums. When uploading photos to Facebook, you need to follow specific steps.

Firstly, you need to log in to your Facebook PVA Accounts profile. When you’re already in, find the ‘update account info’. In this section, you will find all the information about yourself. You can also create albums in this section by uploading as many photos as you like.

If you still find it hard to upload photos, click the link ‘help photos’ and you will be guided through the entire upload process; the link will provide you with detailed instructions on how to upload photos and create albums. Each album can hold about 60 photos so if you have more than 60 photos, you can create another album. You can create family albums, vacation albums, and many others. You can even add short descriptions or stories about the pictures. By posting albums, other people will find you. If the pictures are interesting, they will also be interested in you.

There is also an option to make a photo album private. Only you and selected friends can view the album. There is a guide there on how to keep the photo album private.

If there is a need to buy photo, you should still think about it. For instance, if you want to buy the photo copyrighted by a certain photographer, you may do so. But this happens rarely. In most cases, photos are simply uploaded into the Facebook profile. You don’t need to spend money just to be able to post photos in Facebook. The decision is yours. If you want to splurge money and post expensive photos on your profile, it is really up to you.


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