A baby gift basket is your way of telling your family friends or relatives that you share their happiness and the joy they experience on arrival of the newborn baby. Gift baskets for the newborn usually contain a variety of items that are considered useful for the baby.

There are gender specific gift baskets available for the baby boy and the baby girl. If you are not sure of the gender, then there are gender neutral baby gift baskets also available.

Gifts for new born girls are mostly in the shades of purple and pink. Newborn Baby girl diaper bags can be gifted items such as a feeding bottle and a feeding bowl that are colorful and have floral designs. Soft toys such as Winnie the Pooh can also be added for the new born girl. If you are gifting a basket for the new born girl, then be sure to add a couple of tiny soft pillows, baby soap and baby shampoo.

Gifts for girls can also include health-centered items such as a thermometer, pacifiers, ointments and lotions that offer protection against diaper rash or skin irritation – a condition commonly seen in infants. New born girl gift items or baskets must be done up with attractive accessories and colors.

Wrappings of Gifts for girls can be done based on themes. Snow White, Red Rose and doll houses are some of the themes that can be used to gift wrap a new born girl gift basket or gift. Colors from pale pink to hot pink are sure to be a huge hit with babies and their parents when you present these wonderful gifts to them.

Gifts for girls can also include personalized new born girl birth charts, clothing gift sets in purple and pink colors, baby body suits, and bath towels in various colors and designs. One wonderful gift idea is a monogrammed baby knit hat that would look wonderful on the baby girl. It can be matched with some smart looking baby socks sets and personalized baby body suits.

Hooded baby girl towels can also make a wonderful gift item. Though a newborn baby is too small to enjoy toys, you can still add a few soft toys such as dolls or fairies to get her started young.


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