Cool Sunglasses – When Not to Wear Them


As with most anything else in life, there is a time an place for sunglasses. And most people would agree that it’s very sensible to protect your eyes with some crazy cool sunglasses. Still, there are times and places that your sunglasses are not appropriate. Really? Yes, really.

The etiquette of eye wear is not a topic that is often discussed. Etiquette of eye wear? I’ve got to be kidding. Right? No, there actually are times when it’s outright rude and discourteous to have on your shades.

Wearing sunglasses indoors anywhere is almost always not appropriate, unless you have some sort of extra sensitivity to light. But people are still going to think you’re a little odd and look at you funny. (I know that’s not grammatically correct but it gets my point across.) Besides, when someone is trying to carry on a conversation with you and they’re not sure if you’re even paying attention to them…well that’s a sure turn off.

Consider what a pair of sunglasses is meant to do for you. They are designed to shield your eyes from the ultra violet rays of the sun and make it more comfortable for you to see when you’re outside. The key word being, outside. Why would you want to wear them indoors or at night? Yep, there are people who wear their sunglasses at night, not a good thing.

In a social gathering or setting, people will presumably strike up conversations with others they find interesting. It can be difficult to approach a new person and say hello when that person is wearing dark, reflecting sunglasses.

So when attending outdoor functions consider wearing sunglasses with more of the see through type lenses. You’ll look more approachable and maybe make some new friends.

To recap then, don’t wear your sunglasses indoors or at night. Do wear your sunglasses outside. But try not to wear dark dark sunglasses when you’re at an outdoor function so you’ll seem more friendly and approachable.

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