A digital photo revolution caused by a steep fall in the price of digital cameras and introduction of relatively easy-to-use software has created new standards in business communications. You too should learn how to use digital wallpaper cool photos in business if you want to make full use of the new technology. This is because photographs bring out key selling points in ways that you can never describe.

For example, it is tough to explain to a potential customer about different types of wooden doors you sell. But if you send them a few photographs, they can immediately spot the difference. An old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”

Today if we see a house-for-sale and there is no picture of it – we move on down the line to one that does – within seconds. Gone are the days when a printed document was used to make a sales pitch. A house-hunter today skips any online home listing which does not have photographs because he prefers to look at those sites that provide “virtual tours” of properties.

Businesses use photos in different ways such as construction companies use pre and post -project photos; in retail trade, photos of sale items or specials are used; hospitality service providers rely on photos to promote their facilities, food and events; or banking and finance companies similarly use photographs of their facilities to make a point.

Using an in-house photographer or someone that is non-professional to take them is the standard norm. Once the pictures are taken, there are three steps involved in using digital photographs for commercial purposes. The first step involves taking a digital camera and transferring the photographs into the computer. If photos from previous work or shoots are available, convert them into digital images by scanning them directly into the computer. Once they are in the computer, they are ready to be used for ads, business cards, logos, flyers, etc.

The second step requires a fairly decent editing software, to improve the image quality of the photos by using digital enhancement tools. Different software opens only certain formats, so to sync both photos and software to the same JPEG, EPS, or TIFF is needed. To edit a photos, many things can be accomplished – changing the size and shape of images, improving colors, contrast and brightness, eliminating defects, merging with another image and much more.

The third and last step involves setting the photo to whatever is needed in the business: graphic layouts, hosting the image on a website, or embedding it in a power point presentation. You can also add background music to make the presentation livelier. There are many, many different forms of business software that lays the world wide open once the digital photo is ready.

Digital stock photos are becoming a huge plus for many online businesses, magazines, direct mail materials, or commercials. A stock photo or image have already been taken by a photographer, purchasing a chosen image that is in “stock”. They are purchased for varying prices, depending on how the license is purchased. Because they are digital, and they are purchased outright from the companies, they can be manipulated, modified, or edited with editing software.

It has been proven that photos sell products, and photos with some line art or design adds to the overall theme. All of this can be purchased as stock for a “quick ad.” The digital photographs convey the products and their characteristics and ideals, creating a professional image for the business instantly.

Digital photographs are powerful marketing tools and make day-to-day business administration stronger. Color themes with “business savvy” wording that grabs attention, well-written layouts either online or in presentations. It makes good sense to incorporate digital photos in print materials such as advertisements, brochures, fliers, newsletters, reports, proposals and even business cards and letters.

Digital photos can also be used in power point or slide presentations, sent as e-mail attachments, or hosted on your company’s website or on a website where your company’s products are listed. The beginning steps of digital photographs open up the way to better business and prosperity.



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