With many suppliers introducing all manner of DVD disks into the market, it’s easy to get duped into buying something that falls way below your expectations. However, if you happen to know what features to look out for in a good disk, you’ll be better placed to make a wise choice. In this article, we shall introduce some top tips with on how to get the best value for your money while buying DVDs. Have a look.

Select the right format

There are several latest dvds formats available in the market today. These include: -R, +RW, +R, +R DL, -RW, -RAM among many other disc formats. Each of these disk formats has its unique characteristics and can never be used interchangeably. Most Disk players will only burn (or play) -R or +R formats. The +RW and -RW terms are used to refer to rewrite-able disks. Such disks can be used over and over again. +/-RW are the least compatible with most DVD players. Whereas the +/-R versions are suitable for burning music and movies, the +/-RW are better off used to save data. Be sure to consult your disk player manuals before choosing a specific disk.

DVD copying speed

DVD disks have different media speeds. Basically speaking, if the disk is ranked at 4X or higher, it’s deemed to be of good quality. The higher the media speed, the faster and easier it is to save data or burn music on it. All good disks normally come with their speeds clearly indicated on the label (either 4X, 8X or Dual layer).

DVD Labeling

Different DVDs come with different labels. The affordable types normally come in shiny-silver or golden faces. It’s easy to save data (including music and movies) on either of these two disk categories. If you intend to label your DVDs, it’s advisable to go for InkJet printable or thermal printable types.


When it comes to choosing the best disk brand, there are only three words; quality, quality, quality. Instead of saving a few cents in the short run by investing in cheap DVDs, it is better to cough out a higher amount for high quality DVDs. Though you may feel the pinch at first, the benefits will start appearing after some time. Cheap DVDs expose you to the risk of losing important data and incurring future replacement costs.

Memory Size

Before setting out to buy a DVD disk, be sure to understand the aspect of disk memory space. The available disk space is directly related to the amount of data that can be saved in a particular disk. Movies and large music files consume huge chunks of space whereas word files and PDF documents consume small amounts of space. Depending on what you wish to save in your DVD, go for the right memory size.

There are many more factors to consider while purchasing DVDs. However, the five tips discussed above are the most important ones that you need to consider. Be sure to visit a reputable DVD retailer within your locality for original products and further advice on this topic. All the best!


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