Not all of us are gifted with silky smooth and beautiful hair. The rest of us with frizzy, unruly, dry and fly away hair will just have to rely on technology beauties like the China hair straightener. Dryers are a girl’s best friend and secret weapon to be the belle of the ball. It is a weapon every woman needs for daily use.

Due to its popularity among women, there has been an abundance of types, brands, and manufacturing companies of dryers. Thus it is no longer difficult to find a dryer that will suit your hair needs.

Before using hair dryers, it is important to take extra good care to your hair to prevent damage on both your hair and the dryer. Always towel dry to remove excess hair beforehand. It will take less time to blow dry and is easier to manage.

When buying a hair dryer, here are a few tips to follow in order to be surely satisfied with your purchase:


  • More often than not, price is the most important factor in purchasing an item like a dryer. Price often ranges from 30 to 100, depending on the brand and their features. Do not buy anything exceeding a hundred bucks especially if it’s only for personal use. Hair dryers ranging from 40 to 60 are already equipped with good features. You don’t need to spend much on a dryer, unless you’re intending to make a hair styling business out of it.
  • Consider the wattage. The higher the wattage, the stronger the dryer’s air flow and heat. You will be wasting precious time waiting on a weak hair dryer. Dryer should be at least 1,750 watts. Thicker hair will require from 1,900 to 2,000 watts to achieve the quickest drying time.
  • If you use the dryer to straighten your hair, try to get one with the ceramic and tourmaline technology. They are stronger and provide more heat that will not only straighten your hair, but promotes the hair to be shiny and smooth. A nozzle attachment is also helpful. It focuses the air steam directly where you point it so it promotes faster hair drying.
  • Your hair dryer will need a diffuser attachment to prevent hair from frizzing. This is particularly important if you have curly hair or hair that easily frizzes.
  • It is recommended to buy a dryer where you can control the speed and heat. Lower settings allow less damaging styling and creating fine and gentle locks, while higher settings offer a faster way to get rid of excess moisture from the hair.
  • Women need dryers that are lightweight-some dryers can be awfully heavy and can cause wrists and arms to tire easily. Women with longer hair needs lighter dryers because they will be spending more than 15 minutes drying their hair. It is recommended to buy a dryer weighing 2 lbs or less.
  • Hairstyles that are hard to set may need a cool shot button feature on their hair dryer.


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