How to Tell If Your Home Defective Drywall


The Consumer Products Safety Commission has received over 2,000 complaints from residents in more than 30 different states who allege that defective Chinese drywall has caused damage to their homes. This article provides some helpful tips on how to determine if your home may contain defective Chinese drywall.

While there is currently no definitive test for determining whether your home may contain Chinese drywall, there are many evaluation methods that can be used to gain a better understanding of the Drywall Contractors Sacramento used in your home and help determine whether it may be toxic.

One of the most common complaints in homes believed to be affected by Chinese made drywall is a persistent unpleasant “rotten eggs” smell within the home. If you have noticed a smell like this it may be worth investigating whether Chinese drywall was used in the construction of your home.

Another common sign the your home may contain defective drywall is the tarnishing or corroding metals and metal wiring in your home. Copper wiring that would normally be shinny becomes corroded by gasses emitted from the drywall causing the wiring to become a dull black.

You can look for evidence of corrosion by carefully removing a faceplate from a wall outlet and looking to see if the ground wire, usually an exposed copper wire, has been turned black.

Additional clues can be seen by looking at the air conditioning coils of your air conditioner. In many homes affected by defective drywall the air conditioning coils have lost their copper shine and been turned black due to the corrosion caused by the drywall. Many homeowners have replaced air conditioning units several times just to have the new unit fail again in only a few short months due to corrosion of the coils.

In some homes it may be possible to see the label on the back of the drywall that reads “Made in China,” however in most homes this will not be visible to the resident.

Chinese made drywall also has a slight variation in color from the more commonly used American made drywall. Chinese drywall has slight gray tint to it while American drywall is whiter in color.

Many homeowners have also noticed tarnishing and pitting of metal fixtures throughout homes that are believed to contain Chinese drywall.

If you have seen any or all of these signs there is a chance that your home may contain Chinese drywall and you should perform further investigation.

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