How To Use Cedar Planters


Cedar planters are one of the best types of outdoor planters you can buy. Cedar is one of the most durable of all woods and can keep the moisture at bay. Cedar planters are excellent for growing plants and flowers of all kinds.

There is no limit as to how you can use cedar planters or what types of cedar planters you can find on the market. Cedar planters come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

If you have an apartment, for example, you have a lot of ways you can use cedar planters. You can put the planters on the balcony of your apartment or you can hang them from your windows. Hanging large outdoor planters from windows always looks very country and really adds beauty to your house.

You can also use floor cedar planters to plant all sorts of plants and flowers that will grow on the floor of your balcony. Floor cedar planters are usually used to grow bushes or small trees. These can really make a difference on your balcony and look great from the street.

There are also cedar deck planters that can actually attach to the railing of your balcony. These are great for planting annual flowers. You can then empty the cedar planter once the season is over. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where the climate is mild all year long, you can leave your flowers growing all year long in the cedar planters on your balcony.

Cedar planters can also be used in your garden outside. Just about anywhere you can use a planter you can use a cedar planter. And why cedar? Because this wood lasts longer than any other type of wood and will keep your plants growing strong and healthy.

You can use small cedar planters near your entry way so that they can be filled with a multitude of flowers. Large cedar planters can be used on your deck. You can even build cedar planters into your cedar deck so that they are actually part of the structure. This way you can always have plants on the deck.

Cedar planters are usually the top of the line when it comes to planters that are used for the outside. They can also be used inside the home. They are much more sturdy than plastic and are very durable. You can even paint them to match the deck, balcony or other décor of the house. In short, cedar planters are the best of the best when it comes to planters.

If you are thinking of purchasing planters for the outside of your home – whether they are for a deck or for a balcony or anywhere else, consider buying cedar planters. Your flowers and plants will grow much nicer and be healthier and you will have planters that will last you a lifetime. Cedar planters can be found in most garden stores as well as home improvement stores and online outlets. They cost a bit more than plastic but are well worth the extra money.

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