Identifying a Country Sports Insurance Provider You Should Work With


Although clay and game shooting can seem to be extremely dangerous sports because they involve the use of firearms, the truth is that these activities are quite safe and there are very few incidents of concern that are reported in any given year. You will however appreciate the seriousness of any accident that may occur while engaged in country sports. Country sports insurance covers are designed to protect you from liability should there be an accident that results from your actions while engaged in country sports. Most shooting clubs will not allow you to use their grounds and facilities without valid country sports insurance. Although all these facilities have their own insurance that covers them, you are required to sign up for insurance that covers you against liability.

While most clubs will accept personal hunters insurance from any registered company offering cover, it is in your best interest to ensure that you get the best possible package. Some companies are more focused on providing cover for the clubs while others have individual members as their primary clients. You will want to work with the latter as they will have a number of comprehensively designed membership sports insurance options for you to choose from. There are a number of pointers that will help you identify a company that is focused on the individual as opposed to those driven to club and facility cover.

Begin by looking for a company that offers sufficient cover for public liability and personal accident. These are the main areas of interest for an individual involved in country sports. If the cover you are getting for public liability is not sufficient, you could find yourself in serious problems when ordered to pay compensation that exceed your cover. The same scenario arises when your personal accident cover falls short and you have to seek alternative ways of raising funds for hospital bills. A company that is offering as much as for public liability is obviously focused on protecting you.

Another important consideration when evaluating country sports insurance companies, is the amount of cover provided for legal defense costs. In the unfortunate situation you are involved in an incident, you will need to hire a good lawyer. Quality legal representation does not come cheap and you must be sufficiently covered so as to ensure your interests are properly looked after. A company that does not sufficiently cover the three key areas of public liability, personal accident and legal costs is a waste of time and should not be considered.

Flexibility is yet another factor to consider when shopping for a company that offers membership sports insurance. Working with a company that offers short polices for a reasonable period such as 6 months along with the option to process your cover through the internet is an excellent choice. In case of a last minute invitation to join others on a trip, you can actually get hunting insurance in minutes without having to pay for a whole year if you are not regularly engaged in such activities. Companies that are focused on individual customers understand that unlike corporate clients, you are allowed to be spontaneous and they are willing to accommodate that.

You should also look for extras available from a particular company for those who sign up for country sports insurance with them. Affordable and easily accessibly overseas cover is one of the major benefits you could get. Discounted rates for groups will ensure that your group of friends or your family are all comprehensively covered at a very reasonable cost. Discounted shopping at selected stores dealing with game and clay shooting products, travel and accommodation packages as well as other excellent extras aimed at attracting individuals point to a company’s real focus, which should be you.


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