Industrial Trash Compactors – Basic Criteria to Consider


Reducing waste is something that any company wants to do. The problem is that waste is not glamorous so it usually gets put on the back burner when cost reduction and streamlining initiatives are being considered. This can sometimes mean that Waste Equipment such as Industrial Trash Compactors is long overdue at a facility by the time it is actually implemented. Mismanaged waste can have tremendous negative side effects or trickle down effects. Oftentimes businesses get into a habit of handling trash a certain way that is very much inefficient and these routines continue to prevail even though it is easy to see that the business is just a decision away from saving 15 – 50% per year on their annual waste hauling costs. Aside from their obvious benefits, industrial trash compactors have many side benefits as well. And without assessing the overall needs of an individual business, purchasing options can seem muddled and worthless. Consider the following things before implementing industrial trash compactors:

• Amount of Waste being generated – The amount of waste being generated is one of the primary considerations for knowing which type of industrial apartment compactor service you will need. By taking a quick look at your current waste hauling requirements you can easily determine what type of cubic yardage and waste weights you are generating on a monthly basis and this will help determine which category of industrial trash compactors to focus on.

• Personnel and waste flows – Another important factor in deciding on an industrial compactor is your personnel and your waste flows. For example, these factors may determine whether you can benefit most from an indoor industrial compactor or an outdoor industrial compactor. No two organizations are the same, even when they are in the same line of business, with the same number of employees and the same facility layout and so forth. Every circumstance is different and must be treated that way in order to leverage the resources and equipment in the right way.

• Waste Hauler Arrangements – Oftentimes a determining factor in getting the right payback on your purchase is the contractual arrangements you have with the waste hauler. If you are in a long term contract with a hauler that states a pick-up schedule which cannot be deviated from until the expiration of the term, then the equipment will provide little savings. On the other hand if you are on a month to month arrangement with a waste hauler then you are in the best position for maximizing the benefits of an industrial trash compactor.

Choosing the right course for an industrial trash compactor for your business can require a little bit of time. It is important to understand the different types of industrial compactors and the main features and the added benefits of each as it applies to your situation. Like any other equipment decision, ensure that you’re getting the right fit for your specific application.

If the proper payback evaluations have been performed ahead of time, which includes things like understanding how you are being charged for your current waste hauling services, and what your options are as it relates to changing waste hauling companies, you can maximize your return on investment. Whether you are in a franchised area (where one hauler has to be utilized) or in a rural location with few choices, there is usually several angles available to everyone for saving lots of money on their waste hauling requirements. And typically those different paths will involve an industrial compactor as part of the equation.



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