Keep Your Home and Car Cool Using Tinted Windows


The popularity of tinted windows is increasing day by day thanks to the number of benefits they offer. Earlier, tinted window films were used only in cars and other automobiles but commercial tinting and residential tinting have become a great business these days. Many people believe that heat rejection and custom look are the only reasons behind window tinting. Let me tell you there are many other ways window tinting can prove beneficial to you.

Stay cool using window tinting –

Summer has arrived and you are baffled up by the soaring temperatures. Options like coolers and air conditioners for keeping the heat at bay are failing. Heat is everywhere: in your home, office and even while travelling in a car. So, what to do? Using tinted windows is the easiest way of staying cool. Tinted windows are nothing but the windows Cranbrook having a layer of heat rejection films applied to its interior side. These films reduce the amount of sunrays, infrared and ultraviolet radiation from entering through the windows.

In earlier days such films were made of dyed or metallised material that lead to discoloration of films. To avoid this, the modern tinting technology has invented ceramic window films which are non-metallic and are not made of dyes. While the cost of ceramic tinted films is quite higher than the regular window films, they have an abundant ability to control heat transfer and block ultraviolet rays.

If you wish to keep the heat away from your home or car during summers then apply a low-emissivity coating to the outside pane of windows. On the other hand, if you wish to keep yourself warm during winters by blocking the UV rays then it is advisable to apply a low-emissivity coating to the inside pane of windows.

The other benefits of using tinted windows for your home and car are as follows:

Protection of your eyes from very bright light –

The glare coming out of direct sunlight can cause strain on your eyes particularly while driving. This can be harmful to your eyes making you blind. Tinted windows filter the sunlight before it reaches you and thus avoid strain on your eyes.

Protection of your home’s and car’s interior from the sun –

Carpets, furniture and drapes can lose their shine due to direct sunlight. The harmful UV rays can even damage electronics appliances. So, if you want to keep the items in your house in excellent condition for a longer time then contact a window tinting specialist soon. Also, to avoid your car interiors from getting hot enough to warp, get cracked or fade, use car tints as they block 90% of the UV radiation from entering through the car windows.

Conservation of energy –

Home and car tinting are an excellent way of keeping your energy bills low. As these tints are made to keep your home and car cool, excessive use of air conditioners and coolers lowers down. This will not only save your electricity bills but will also help the environment by promoting energy savings.

Providing comfort and privacy, making your home look more beautiful and attractive, providing safety against window breakage and theft in home as well as car and protecting the skin are also the important merits provided by tinted windows.



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