Lack of Official ADHD Tests Concerns Parents


In a world where Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has recently gained a tremendous amount of publicity, many parents have become extremely concerned to find that there are no official ADHD tests to determine if their child has the condition.

It is true that there has been an increased knowledge surrounding this condition, and that the treatments that are used are highly successful, but are all cases of diagnosed add symptoms really ADHD? That is the question. When it comes to diagnostic measures, most medical professionals base their opinion on observations, interviews, and the general personality of the child.

There is a special organization that is called the “American Psychiatric Association” that has created a long list of criteria that has to be met in order for a child to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

This criterion was largely collected from the official manual on psychiatric conditions, “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”. When it comes to ADHD tests, the criteria mentioned in these books are about as close as it gets. Parents, naturally, are quite concerned that the criterion mentioned in these books are not enough to go on when it comes to a case by case basis.

It is important for parents to realize that even though there are no official ADHD tests, there is a lot of research and education when it comes to the condition. Medical professionals evaluate many different areas of the child and the child’s life prior to making an official diagnosis of ADHD.

They will consider their grades and their behavior, as well as their ability to successfully react with others on a social level. A physical examination is typically performed in order to rule out other medical conditions, and there are clinical assessments. While no official ADHD tests exist today, it is something that is being worked on.

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