Making Beautiful Music With Carbon Fiber-Made Musical Instruments


With carbon fiber in surge of popularity in different areas like in military, engineering, automobile, aerospace and even sporting equipment, the musical industry also wanted to try the material in many applications to get full benefits of the musical instruments where the composite materials were applied.

In a nut shell, carbon fibers are woven together to form a yarn. The fibers are subject to heat and pressure. Each bundle is made up of around three thousand to twelve thousand fibers, depending on the necessity of application. This is turn is woven to create a fabric or textile. Several layers are placed in a mold, coated with resin, and then sealed in a vacuum. The last stage is hardening the composite to shape it in the preferred style, whether the application is for cello, violin, viola or double bass shells.

Compared to musical instruments that are made of wood, these carbon-made instruments create a unique sound. The amplification is different because they produce louder and deeper sound. The sound produced vibrates throughout all the sides, maintaining a full-bodied sound. It is no wonder that this kind of instrument is now popularly used both in solo performances and orchestras world wide! Another plus factor of having this kind of musical instrument is that it has longer life span and has low maintenance. The wood-made instruments are subject to constant wear and tear with the instruments always being exposed to the heat of the sun, extreme coldness, travelling, not to mention the unforeseen accidents. That is the reason why most professional players prefer their instruments made out of this composites.

Recently, a bass professional cello for sale named Celtic Bass was introduced with the use of this composite. The instrument was studied, designed, and manufactured over a period of two years. It possesses the quality of an orchestral double bass and the versatility of an electric bass guitar. However, since carbon composite was used, it weighs lighter for the comfort of the players.

Without compromising the quality of sound produced and even the resonant qualities, musical instruments made out or carbon fiber are believed to be virtually indestructible. They now become equated with high performance level. For example, when used with these fibers, a perfect cello can be created without adding any unnecessary components like cornices that just eat away the sound.

Guitars are also making its waves with the use of this composite. Blackbird Guitars for one, is a proud maker of guitars made of out graphite. They have specific designs to cater to the needs of their growing customers. Their rider steel string is made intentionally for those who travel a lot. You can never go wrong in choosing this guitar as your constant travel companion with its weight at only 2.7 pounds! It can stand amidst change of weather and humidity without compromising the richness of sound the guitar produces.

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