There are many different prescription eyeglass brands currently on the market. The options can be virtually overwhelming! Because of this, it may be helpful to narrow down the brands to choose from by thinking about the different categories of Eye doctor Ottawa that are available. Whether you are new to wearing corrective lenses or whether you’ve been wearing glasses for years, reading about different types of eyeglasses may help you get started on choosing your next pair.

Designer Eyeglass Brands

There is no shortage of options for the fashion and label conscious when it comes to eyeglass brands. Virtually every well-known fashion designer has at least a modest line of eyeglass frames that proudly tote their label. If you have a signature style that coincides with one of these fashion houses: the choice may be easy! Even if you aren’t necessarily a fashionista, frames from a designer label may suit your style. Below is an abbreviated list of very popular designer eyeglass brands:

– Anne Klein
– Burberry
– Bvlgari
– Calvin Klein
– Dolce & Gabanna
– Fendi
– Gucci
– Prada
– Ralph Lauren
– Versace

Kids Eyeglass Brands

There are some specific prescription eyeglass brands that focus on making frames for children. For the most part, these brands are great for helping kids ease into wearing glasses, making them more comfortable. Kids’ eyeglass brands can make having to wear prescription eyeglasses seem fun, while making the fit easier to achieve. Some popular kids’ eyeglass brands include:

– Barbie
– Captain America (by Marvel)
– Childs View
– Disney
– Dora the Explorer
– Fairly Odd Parents
– Fisher Price
– Garfield
– Hershey’s
– High School Musical
– Incredible Hulk (by Marvel)
– Jimmy Neutron
– Kool Kids
– Rugrats
– Scooby Doo
– Spongebob
– Whiz Kid

Sporty Eyeglass Brands

For the athlete or person with a more active lifestyle, there are a variety of brands that accommodate your way or life. These styles may be more durable or resilient: ready to take on any challenge that puts them to the test. Some of the more popular sports-related eyeglass brands include the following:

– Adidas
– Body Glove
– Columbia
– Converse All-Star
– Golf Club
– Nautica
– Nike
– Oakley
– Puma

Budget Eyeglass Brands

A popular choice in eyeglass brands is to go with budget eyeglass brands. Some eyeglass brands focus more on value than luxury or style. For your run of the mill pair of eyeglasses: especially if it’s your first pair, you may want something simple. If you invest in a pair of budget eyeglasses without spending too much money, you can take your time figuring out what you really want. Then, if you decide you’d rather wear contact lenses you won’t have spent an arm and a leg on your night-time-only glasses Below is a partial list of some of the popular budget eyeglass brands:

– Budget
– Casino Budget
– Criss Optical
– Modern Optical
– Mudd
– Rainbow Optical
– Value

Special Interest

Finally, there is a category of eyeglass brands that appeal to people who have special interests or hobbies. Whether it is a food, a type of vehicle, or some type of character: if you’re a phanatic, you may be able to find a brand of eyeglasses that’s just for you. Below is a list of just a few of these types of brands:


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