Pay-Per-Use Electricity: Is This a Viable Option?


Paying for electricity services can sometimes be a daunting and inconvenient task, particularly with the changing rates, contracts and deposits retail electric companies ask from customers – particularly if they have a bad credit history. Thanks to the deregulation of Texas electricity, consumers at such predicaments would now enjoy the benefits of pay-per-use electricity for their everyday needs.

Pay-per-use electricity is a new concept for many consumers, particularly those who were used to living in a state with a regulated or monopolized electric industry. Energy deregulation gave the people the power to choose their Texas electric companies as well as coming up with several payment schemes and options never before possible in a regulated power market.

This means that people can pay up front for their electricity and never receive an electric Reliant Energy bill from their provider. This is now made possible with the development of smart meters that allows pay-per-use plans much like how prepaid mobile phones function. There are however, certain considerations that consumers should look into before deciding if pay-per-use electricity is the way to go.

Considerations before Choosing Pay-Per-Use Electricity

The following are some of the considerations that people should take before deciding to change to pay-per-use electricity and have smart meters installed by their providers.

* The pay-per-use meter should have full credits loaded, otherwise the electricity service will simply stop until the time you top it up again with credits

* You should be near a pay-per-use crediting outlet so you could easily load your meter with credits that you can use.

* If you use medical equipments in the home that need a constant electric source, pay-per-use Texas electricity may not be a preferable option – unless you are ready to top the meter months in advance to ensure constant supply.

* Pay-per-use meters use key cards for activation. These cards record how much credit is still available that you can use. It is vital that the user take care of these key cards, otherwise they will not be able to use their smart meters to get electricity.

* Pay-per-use options for Texas electricity are not yet available in all locations. Check with your retail electric providers if this is an option they offer before you decide if this is an option to consider.

* Take careful consideration when going on vacation for a longer period of time. Ensure that you have enough credits to last the duration of your vacation; otherwise you’ll end up with refrigerators or freezers shutting down on you and spoiling whatever content left inside them.

* During extreme periods (hot or cold), consumers use more electricity. This should be a serious consideration during these times so you can allocate enough credits to get your electricity going.

* If you are considering pay-per-use Texas electricity, choose a provider that offers an emergency credit facility so you can have back-up options should you’ll be unable to buy credits at the appropriate time.

* Choose a Texas electricity pay-per-use provider that sends out a quarterly or annual statement that will show you usage and consumption details which you can use to plan energy conservation in your own home or facility.

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