Putting up personalized banners at your party event can add so much to the fun atmosphere of the party as well as serving another purpose. It also tells you what the party is for, not that the guests won’t all ready know but there is something affirming about that personalized banner crying out ‘congratulations’ to the guest/s of honor. It also makes for a great keepsake. Banners have evolved a lot over the years, from a simple handwritten message in block letters to a professional looking, but personalized sign designed for just about every event.

You will find that there are banners made for just about each and every occasion. There are personalised birthday banners, graduation banners, anniversary banners and even Bar and Bat Mitzvah banners. Perhaps the most popular banners to use are the anniversary and birthday banners. They are most typically used to mark a very important milestone year for the guest/s of honor. For a married couple it can be for their twenty-fifth anniversary or for that young adult it can be for their twenty-first birthday. The years ending in zero tend to celebrated the most, so you’ll have an easier time finding banners focused on those birthdays and anniversaries. Of course there are also lots of blank banners with no prewritten message, designed so that you can fill the message in entirely when you make the purchase. Usually these banners have a generic but colorful border and may have some graphic images that can be associated with a theme, but aren’t too specific. These graphics may be hearts, flowers or gifts.

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