A table is that piece of furniture that can instantly add a touch of elegance to your room. It maybe a dining table, a coffee table or it can simply be used as a centerpiece. If you are looking to add style and class to your place, then marble could be your best bet. ‘Shining stone’ is what the word marble basically means. Limestone is one of the main ingredients of marble, which gives it the white color. Colored marbles are the result of different impurities mixed in with limestone like sand, clay, iron oxide and other minerals. Marble has been used since ancient times and has always been known as the stone for the rich and the affluent.

With the increasing demand for marble and reducing prices, owning a Dining Marble Tables is no longer a dream you cannot achieve. Yes, a timeless piece of beauty could well be sitting in your living or dining room. Style and beauty is a feature that marble exhibits, that no other stone will ever be able to beat. You can either go in for a table with the classic white marble top or can choose from a variety of different patterns available. Carrara, Limestone, Cultured, and Tennessee marble are few of the different types present in the market.

Marble is one of the most durable materials around and they also blend in easily with any type of home décor. Over a period of time you may change the whole décor of your house, but the marble table will still find a place at your house. You can do up your home the traditional, contemporary, country or the Victorian way, the marble table won’t disappoint you. The sheer elegance of a marble table top will keep you and your guests charmed for a long time to come. Since, you will be investing a bit into this material you may secretly hope that it actually stands the test of time. With timely care and maintenance, this material has the potential to last a lifetime.

Always use a sealer for your marble tables, to improve its durability. Thoroughly clean the table top with soap and water, simple clean the surface, do not scrub. Using a towel clean up all the excess liquid and allow the surface to completely dry. You can then spray a sealer and give the marble some time to soak all the sealer in. And then again use a towel to wipe off the excess sealer. Repeat the procedure for enhanced durability. You can do this procedure yourself or can also opt for professional help if you find it too complicated.

Marble requires proper care and maintenance. If you accidentally spill anything on your table, wipe it immediately to avoid a stain. Adding a sealant may help but may not completely prevent scratches or stains. A mixture of a mild soap cleaner and water should suffice; harsh bleaches and other acidic cleaners may harm the marble instead of cleaning it. And if you are bent on cleaning your marble table on a daily basis, then just plain water and a dry towel should be more than enough.


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