Many same day couriers not only offer just same day delivery but within the hour delivery. This may seem impossible but it is not the case. For couriers specialising in medical and biological matter within the hour delivery can be a matter of life and death and the couriers have an extremely high success rate for completing the delivery in an hour.

You may be wondering, how exactly is this possible? The answer is communication. Courier businesses are constantly in touch with the drivers, whether it’s through GPS units where they can send routes through. This means there is no wasted time as the route is instantly sent to the driver meaning they can be anywhere, even on route back from another job and they will have the instructions for the next job. This method of saving time enables the one hour delivery service.

However, it is important to remember that one hour deliveries usually have specific boundaries where the courier with live tracking service feels that they can successfully guarantee a one hour delivery, this is usually limited to a single city but still in larger cities this sometimes isn’t the case. One also has to remember that even though the one hour delivery is promised by some courier services, there are still factors which are out of their control such as traffic flow or in a rare case, a breakdown. It is always important to pay attention to the details of the contract therefore understanding what would happen should any of the above eventualities arise.

For all same day couriers, they will always aim to carry your goods as quickly and as safely as possible to your desired place. Many businesses such as law firms, architects and doctors frequently employ the uses of a same day courier service for the transportation of important time sensitive documents. But still emergencies can arise, if they do reputable same day couriers will always do their best to push the same day service further to get the goods there more quickly. So always bear in mind that even if the courier is specifically a same day courier, it is always worth asking if they can help you with an emergency, more often than not, they will.

Clearly, when you are choosing which courier service to use, it is always worth asking some basic questions, whether you need a same day courier service or a within the hour courier service: 1. Ask about their main areas of service, particularly if you will be sending goods regularly to a number of destinations. 2. Query whether there are different rates depending on the distance of the service. 3. Ask about the most frequent routes and whether you will be charged extra for travelling outside of a certain vicinity.



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