Sunglasses for Volleyball Players: Where to Buy Sporty Eyewear


Volleyball is a dynamic sport that requires clear vision, comfort, and protection for your eyes. The right sunglasses can enhance your performance and keep your eyes safe on the court. Here’s where you can buy sporty eyewear suitable for volleyball players:

1. Sporting Goods Stores:

Visit your local sporting goods stores, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, or Academy Sports + Outdoors. These retailers often carry a range of sport-specific eyewear, including cat eye sunglasses tailored for volleyball. You can try on different styles and consult with staff knowledgeable about sports eyewear.

2. Online Retailers:

Online shopping offers a wide selection of sporty eyewear options. Websites like Amazon, SportRx, and Backcountry have a variety of brands and styles designed for different sports, including volleyball. You can browse reviews and specifications to find the right pair that meets your needs.

3. Volleyball Specialty Stores:

Some specialty volleyball stores may carry sport-specific eyewear, including cool sunglasses designed for the sport. These stores understand the unique requirements of volleyball players and can provide tailored recommendations.

4. Eyewear Retailers with Sport Lines:

Certain optical retailers, like LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut, carry sport-specific lines of eyewear. You can find stylish and functional sunglasses suitable for volleyball in these stores.

5. Sport Sunglass Brands:

Brands known for their sport sunglasses, such as Oakley, Nike, and Under Armour, offer eyewear designed to enhance performance and eye protection. They often have options that cater to various sports, including volleyball.

6. Look for Impact-Resistant Lenses:

Volleyball players often face fast-moving balls and potential impacts, so prioritize sunglasses with impact-resistant lenses. These lenses can provide extra protection for your eyes during the game.

7. Consider Wrap-Around Styles:

Wrap-around sunglasses provide better coverage and protection from wind, dust, and debris on the volleyball court. They also stay securely in place during fast movements.

8. Anti-Fog and Ventilation:

Sunglasses with anti-fog coatings and ventilation features can prevent fogging and ensure clear vision during intense volleyball matches.

9. UV Protection is a Must:

Even indoors, volleyball courts may have exposure to sunlight, and outdoor beach volleyball requires UV protection. Ensure your sunglasses provide 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays.

10. Comfortable Fit:

Comfort is essential during long volleyball games. Look for sunglasses with adjustable nose pads and temple grips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

In summary, finding the right sunglasses for volleyball involves considering factors like impact resistance, wrap-around styles, anti-fog features, and UV protection. Prioritize eyewear that enhances your performance, provides eye safety, and keeps you comfortable on the volleyball court. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can focus on the game and protect your eyes simultaneously.


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