A Fishing Net maybe defined as a type of net that is used to hold or trap fish. These are always made of meshes created by knotting together thin threads. There are several types of blue nylon net out there from tiny hand nets and cast nets to massive trawl and drift nets.

For the benefit of those for whom fishing is a personal hobby, passion and leisure sport, we shall discuss hand fishing nets or landing nets in this article:

A landing net is a type of fishing net that is held open by a hoop and usually hangs at the end of a long stiff handle. This is generally used by anglers to scoop up hooked fish near the surface. Landing nets are also extremely useful when netting captured fish and putting them into the boat. There are certain factors one should keep in mind when choosing a fishing net of the landing net variety. These are the material of the net, the type of handle and hoop. Here is a brief look at how the material of your landing net can affect your fishing experience:

The mesh of landing nets is usually made of three basic materials. These are Nylon, Nylon-coated and Rubber.

Nylon mesh fishing nets are usually the less expensive ones and its no small wonder then that their negative effects far outweigh the savings on price. One of the biggest drawbacks of Nylon nets is that they are known to tangle hooks easily. So in the event that your hook gets caught up n the material, you should brace yourself for many minutes of struggle to untangle and release the hook. Also, due to the abrasive surface of nylon nets, you risk damaging the delicate and valuable slime cover of the fish and cause its death by possible wound infection.

A nylon-coated fishing net is one where the nylon mesh is either dipped into or sprayed with a poly-chemical that makes it smoother and softer. Such nets are far gentler on fish and are also long-lasting as the coating protects the nylon against gradual damage caused due to the continuous exposure to sun and water. Such landing nets also don’t tangle up with hooks easily unlike ordinary nylon nets.

The final type of mesh material for hand fishing nets or landing nets in the market is the rubber version. Such meshes don’t harm the fish’s protective slime covering and are just about knotless for ease of use as well. Rubber is fast gaining popularity among fishing net manufacturers due to its versatility, durability and strength. The only downfall to rubber mesh fishing nets is that the material tends to break down over considerable long term use. However, this is not a major problem by any means since such nets easily last 10 years or more depending on type of usage.

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