What Gaps Should the LED Light Supplier Overcome to Meet the Customer Expectation?


In the high power LED light industry, there are some factors influencing the customer’s perception of the supplier’s performance. The most important factor is simply the customer’s requirements. The customers have their own requirements on how the different suppliers do. For example, a customer may expect that a wholesale LED light supplier will deliver the products on time. Normally, the customers expect that the suppliers will meet their needs and requirements. However, the customers’ expectations are sometimes different from their real requirements. Their past experience of the previous supplier performance is a major cause to influence the expectations. If a wholesale LED bulb supplier delivered products constantly on time in the past, the customer will take it for granted that the supplier will always deliver goods on time in the future. Very likely, the customer will expect a supplier to do poorly in the future if the supplier had a poor performance in the past. It is very important to know that the unhappy experience with the previous supplier may also influence the customer’s judgment on how the other suppliers do. For example, if an LED tube light wholesaler is able to ship products to the retailers on a next-day basis in the same city, most customers will expect that other suppliers should do the same.

The word-of-mouth is a key element of the customer’s perception of the past performance. Normally, the customers will communicate with each others about their experiences with their suppliers. In many trade association meetings, supplier subject is always a hot topic for discussion. In the LED lighting industry, the executives in the meetings will release past performance and capabilities of the LED light manufacturer. Some participants will form their expectations based on the information.

To a major extent, the supplier’s communication is the most important factor to influence the customer expectations. For example, the promises, commitments and promotional messages of an LED tube manufacturer will help the customers build their expectations. These communications are important to the expectation formation. If the high power LED light retail shop promise to have full product availability, the customers will expect that they will never have out-of-stock experience in the shop. Many suppliers will do poorly if they fail to meet the over commitment.

To win customer satisfaction, the wholesale LED light suppliers must overcome the gaps between the customer expectations and their performance. The below section discusses the five gaps for the suppliers to meet the customer satisfaction.

1. The knowledge.

The first gap exists between the customers’ real perception and the staff of the wholesale LED bulb suppliers. Such gap exists because the suppliers’ workers are lake of knowledge or understanding of the customers. It may have many reasons for the lack of understanding. However, it is very clear that only the full understanding of the customer expectations can help build the customer satisfaction. The sales representatives of the LED tube light suppliers are the most important in this aspect, as they have the major responsibility for customer interactions. The suppliers should have more training on their workers about the knowledge topic.

2. The standards.

After fully understanding the customer expectations, the LED solar power system manufacturer light manufacturer is necessary to set up the standards of performance. The gap of the standards exists when the supplier’s activities fail to meet the customer expectations adequately. When building the basic service platform, the LED tube manufacturer should check carefully on the internal operation, to keep up the competitiveness.

3. The performance.

The performance gap exists when the standards are not the same as the actual performance of the LED lighting supplier. For example, if the high power LED light retailer sets the fill rate standard as 98% according to the research of the customer expectations, but it actually performs at 97%. The performance gap will exist. Many wholesale LED light suppliers try their best to cut the performance gap trying to improve the customer satisfaction. However, they are wrong to understand the customer expectations at the beginning.

4. The communications.

Many wholesale LED bulb suppliers overemphasize on the role of communications with the customers, but this practice is wrong. The two major factors to cause the customer dissatisfaction are the over commitment and the failure to do actually as the promise. Setting a high level of performance of the LED tube light products cannot build the customer satisfaction. Only the ability to meet the promise can help improve the customer’s experience. There is no gap between what the LED light manufacturer is capable to do and what it told the customers about.

5. The perception.

In some cases, the customers perceive how the LED bulb manufacturer does and feel it is lower or higher than the standards. An LED lighting wholesaler delivers products constantly on time, but only one late shipment or partial shipment will dissatisfy the customers.


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