A duffel bag is a large cylindrical bag that is made from heavy cotton, canvas, synthetic fiber or cloth material or any other fabric for that matter and has a drawstring closure at the top that is closed by fastening the strings on both ends. It is also known as a kit bag or a gym bag. The duffel was first created commercially by the company Adidas, the brand with the three stripes, a company whose business idea is centered on sports. There is a town in Belgium called duffel and the bag’s name was derived from this place because these bags were first made there with fabric from this town.

The duffel bag has changed with the times and there are very many varieties and sizes now although its utility remains the same. Duffels are favored by athletes because they don’t contain hard corners and as such it is easy to stuff a lot of things into the bag unlike the case of suitcases. With the progress of these bags wheels have been added to them and rolling duffels are now available making them suitable for athletes while also making it possible to avoid the injuries that might come with carrying the bag over the shoulder. This is very convenient for athletes because they cannot afford to get back or shoulder strain or injuries. They also have handles for pulling the bag or rolling them on their wheels.

The duffel is quite a resourceful bag for athletes because it is spacious, convenient and comfy and is also suitable for the outdoors. It can carry most of the things that athletes need when they are working and will carry all their gear and equipment and for these reasons it is also favored by military men. But the duffel bag is also preferred by athletes because of their solidness and their reliability because they are quite durable. The duffel also offers the athlete the convenience of moving rapidly and lightly and this is something that the athletes need.

To athletes duffels are lightweight, expandable and inexpensive and are neither too small nor too big. They also have many compartments and you can keep a lot of things in an organized way on these separately like dirty shoes and dirty sportswear that you have used. For athletes the numerous pockets will serve as an added advantage. Athletes carry many other things like water and energy revitalizes and they need to keep these separately because they would not like spills on their duffel bags. Towels for wiping sweat should also go in separate places and the more the compartments the better and numerous pockets and easy access are considerations that athletes take when they have to buy a bag.

Duffels are very versatile and flexible and come in very convenient sizes. This is a big consideration for an athlete who is always on the road traveling to perform every now and then. They need duffel bags that are easy to carry and can easily fit in airplane compartments. What athletes look for in duffels is something that has flexibility, easy mobility and is simple to use and access with ease.



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