Why You Need to Build Strong Relationships


When it comes to running an online business, strong relationships are everything. The relationships you build with your membership list, your clients, customers who have bought from you, and everyone else you come into contact with online determine your success completely. You should give relationship building as much effort and care than you give to selling, if not more.

Relationships Translate to Long-Term Wealth

Lots of Internet marketers get started online because they hear that there’s money to be made. They learn the latest techniques to get traffic and short-term profits. Many of them succeed, but they have to start from scratch each time they launch a new campaign.

A much wiser strategy is to create a name for yourself and build a strong base of support among fans and customers. By doing this, you create long-term customers who will buy from you again and again. The reason why so many marketers don’t do this is that it means spending some time focusing on relationship building and not just making money.

Trust and Credibility

Strong relationships are all about trust and credibility. No one wants to buy from a stranger, especially online where there are so many scams and shady business practices. They want to buy from a trusted friend who’s looking out for them and not their own interests.

Your relationship-building efforts should be focused on creating trust and credibility. You should frame yourself as an expert and a friend. You know your niche inside and out, and you supply your customers with up-to-the-minute information they can use. You’re also a real human being who cares about them. You’re interested in offering value instead of just making a quick buck.

It’s very easy to do this as long as you have the right mindset. Approach your online business from the place of, ‘How can I help people?’ If you start here and worry about monetizing later, you’ll provide quality and build great relationships based on trust. Basically, your audience will love you.

The Social Nature of the Web

The nature of the Internet is social and it’s only getting to be more that way. Social media virtual roundtables sites like Facebook and Twitter are leading the way to a more interactive Web. Hard sell tactics where a marketer throws their sales pitch into everyone’s faces just aren’t working anymore. This is why you need to bring value to the table and help people first.

By the way, this goes for all relationships and not just those with your customers. Whether you’re launching a joint venture or just talking to people on forums, it’s important to show your best side. Show everyone that you’re here to help, and you’ll create lasting relationships that will profit you later on.


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