Your Story Builds Relationships In Your Home Based Business


As a home based business owner, recognizing transformational moments in our lives provides value to others. Your experiences, no matter how painful they may have been, can provide comfort for those who have yet to find resolve.

As entrepreneurs starting your home based business reflecting on where you come from, “your story” will provide you clarity of who you are. You will identify what your core values and beliefs are as well.

This will be important for you to know so you can:

1. Relate More Authentically With Others

2. Build Leadership Skills and Relationships

3. Have Insight to Discovering Your Greater Purpose or “WHY”

4. Recognize Patterns That Emerge

5. Get Clear for Personal Branding

6. Provide More Value to Your Customers

7. Motivate You Moving Forward

Sharing your story with others opens doors to the new relationships you will be creating in your home-based two story buildings. Prospects, customers and business partners you attract will resonate with your challenges but more importantly how you overcame those challenges.

You story is significant. It is yours to inspire and empower others. They will seek your leadership and guidance along this journey creating a better world.

My Story

I can recognize the compilation of events that led me to my turning point to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle, all of the injustices I carried from prior relationship and careers, all of my struggles and challenges along the way, but most significantly contributing, was my childhood.

My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. I have two older siblings and one younger. My Dad basically left, remarried and moved far away, hardly to be heard from again. He’s still alive and keeps in touch occasionally. He has never met his grandchildren as he doesn’t even know his own children.

My Mother raised us 4 kids on her own. She never remarried, worked three jobs and passed away the year before her retirement without ever really getting to enjoy her life. She worked and worked, never saw us kids, never got to enjoy her house, and not until she was much older had time to enjoy a vacation. She slept on a couch for a majority of her life and rarely had time for herself.

I am eternally grateful for all that my Mother did for my siblings and I growing up, all of her hard work and sacrifice she made for us.

I hold no grudges for what may have been missing in my life growing up. I knew I was loved and I was happy. I only wish my Mother’s life was easier and more fulfilling.

My husband and I have experienced financial hardship and sacrifice too. Both of us going through divorce has taken its toll through the years. I won’t go into those gory details. Been there, done that and am eternally grateful to be moving on to bigger and better things! We share six children together, and could not imagine our lives without them.

All of this is significant right now at this very moment in my life because it all contributes to who I am today. I can recognize patterns that spilled over into my life from my childhood to my adult years, but now I can make choices to break or change these patterns.

All of my past experiences contribute to my commitment for changing my circumstances today. I am committed to creating a better life for myself and my family. My purpose and work is to provide other families’ opportunities to do the same.

Lynn Clarke is a dynamic Home Based Business Consultant [] leading others to discover their entrepreneurial opportunities. She is dedicated to assisting her team of worldwide members create extraordinary, fulfilled lives & paying it forward. Lynn is a leader for female entrepreneurs on their journey in business, mentoring and ensuring in their sustainable success. She teaches current trends in the marketplace, foundational principles from the past & mastery of skills for an abundant and purposeful future.


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