These days, caricature artists are popular at lots of events. Event organizers are trading in the usual photographers for these artists for virtually any occasion, may they be grand openings, birthdays, company picnics, awarding ceremonies or weddings. The charm of caricature artists is almost as old as the art itself. Centuries ago, European aristocrats hired them to capture images of guests at their grandiose banquets, and presented the portraits to their guests as gifts. There are many styles of caricature, from simple and whimsical to wild and exaggerated.

Most caricaturist London artists produce portraits pretty quickly. They can do about 12 to 20 portraits in an hour. Just tell them who your important guests are, and they will take care of capturing their personalities in just a few strokes. You can either give the portraits to the subjects as they leave, or keep them for yourself as remembrances. You can even ask the artist to inscribe special messages.

Caricature artists also provide great entertainment. Most of your guests will watch them at work – and who could blame them? It’s certainly very amusing and interesting to watch a caricature artist as he masterfully commands his pencil to draw larger-than-life representations of virtually anyone.

The rates of caricature artists range from 125 to about 175 per hour, depending on how complex you want the portraits to be. This might seem steep at first, but remember that fast artists can do as many as 20 portraits in one hour – that’s only about seven dollars per sketch.


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