How To Use Gift Vouchers For Marketing Your Business


Have you ever considered using gift vouchers to market your offline business? This is a great way to get prospects through the door and to start earning more money than you ever did before. The truth of the matter is that people loves gift, and if you can be there to offer them a gift voucher, more than likely they will be redeemed relatively quickly.

So how can you use the idea of “gift vouchers” in your business? Well it’s fairly simple actually. You could include a gift voucher in a bundle or sale for items that you want to get rid of quickly (and also earn a quick buck). Use a gift voucher as a bonus item that prospects can receive only if they buy one of your other bundled items.

Another way to promote gift vouchers is to offer them as bonuses for high-ticket items. So if you’re selling a product or service for $1000 or more, you can include a gift voucher that can be redeemed at any local area store that accepts them. I can remember a company offering a $30 Barnes and Nobles gift card in return for signing up to their free offer. Unfortunately, this company never contacted me after I signed up, and it has been 2 weeks now and I still haven’t received the gift card.

If you’re going to offer gift vouchers to your customers and clients, honor your word and send them out the gift vouchers. Because believe it or not, a lot of these people will turn into repeat customers – so the cost of the gift takeaway voucher is not even a thought that you should consider. If the average customer buys from you 5 times at an average of $50 per sale, then the debate about offering a $20 to $30 voucher shouldn’t even be considered.

Vouchers can make excellent choices for getting new customers into your door. To start taking advantage of them, it’s time to put what you’ve learned here into action. Search around for vouchers on the internet to begin the process of signing up to offer these gifts to your friends, family members, and customers.

Almost anyone you know can be great candidate for a voucher. The most ideal people you want to offer your voucher to is your own customers. The idea with vouchers isn’t just to send them out to any old Joe on the street. Your goal with the voucher is to make you more money, so don’t forget about that.

You could use gift vouchers to inspire referrals; you can use them to upsell a customer, and you can use them to reactivate old customers that you haven’t contacted in a while. All of these are ways that you can use vouchers to make more money in your business.

Start using gift vouchers to your advantage today. It can be a great way to inspire more new sales, and it’s also great for customer retention. As I said earlier, people love free gifts, and the more gifts you can offer them, the better. So start using vouchers in your business today.


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